The terms of service

Addressing to me for services of the photographer, you agree with the following terms of co-working with me:

  • confidentiality. The specified prices on the website, in groups of social nets or those which I name or I write on-line mean non-confidential photographing. At such type of shooting we will sign Permission to the publication which says that: You grant permission for photographing you and the relatives, if those participate; You grant permission for the publication of photos, including in mass media and for the purpose of advertizing (even usage of photos in groups of social nets is also advertizing); You confirm that any claims in my party will not be put forward (concerning that as well as where, how and which photos will be used).
    If you don't agree for usage of photos by me with your image, then the price enlarges up to 50%. It will compensate me the impossibility to fill up the portfolio and to share it with potential clients and just fans of my photography;

  • format of photos. Initially, the camera writes down photos in the raw format. In the same format the photos pass the correction. However, the ready photos I give only in the jpg format. All photos are given in 2 options: small - adapted for the publication on the Internet and big - suitable for the printing;

  • selection of photos. Photos under a retouch, printing or for impositioning in the photobook are chosen by photographer. If you wish to take part in selection of a photo for retouching/printing the cost of services will increase depending on the volume of your participation in selection process. This option doesn't extend to a way of retouching of photos. Addressing  to me for photographing service you agree with my author's style in retouching of photos and photographing;

  • time of the shooting’s beginning. The stipulated time, which we approve when planning shooting, is considered the beginning of the paid time. Almost always I come earlier and if I begin to take pictures earlier (usually it happens only at weddings), then I don't take payment for it. However, if you are late, the awaiting time concerns to the working and is paid. Time of preparation for shooting process, for example installation of light in studio, is part of photography process and, also, enters the time for photographing. Collecting after shooting also belongs to working hours, but only in photo studios (it is regulated by rules of rent of studios). The same concerns about movements between locations, for example, moving from the Registry office to the place of photographing of walk (is considered to be working hours).


If you don't agree at least with one of the points, I advise you to look for the photographer whose conditions of cooperation will suit you.

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