Printing of photos

Only retouched photos are printed. The size is specified in packages or in the presented additional services. Photos are printed in a professional photolaboratory and on special matte photographic paper. Such paper on technical characteristics is much better than usual one, which is sold for the printing on home printers. So that you could imagine why it is better, imagine a sandwich. The lower roll protects from course of ink and deformation of a basis (paper from moisture changes the form), the stuffing fixes paint, and the top roll protects from external damages. However, the stuffing consists not only of ham, but also of lettuce leaves, sauce, cheese… And for those who can be interestedin more information, read further. Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper paper - in it an emulsion on the basis of silver halogenides is used, binding substance and the special structure of layers allowing to improve color reproduction and to increase purity of white color, firmness of images.

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