Why a photosession should be planned ahead

Basically, planning is very important for studio photography. I can guarantee that you will love beautifully decorated and furnished studio location. However, not only to you!

Such studios are very popular and that is why their availability calendar is rather meager (especially in the cold season). And even if you're lucky, you can find a free hour, but only in the early morning (8:00) or late evening. That’s why yu should as soon as possible contact me and we plan all the details of a shooting.

But do not assume that planning of a photo walk is an unnecessary thing. Preparation of the charachter is not a quick process. Yes, it is possible to think over in less than an hour. But to get all the needed attributes is not as fast and can take not even one day, but even more.

Forethought gives much greater assurance that photographing will be successful. And you and I will be pleased with the results of the joint work.

If you are a human of spontaneity, we should not think of something big. It would be better to give up the scale in favor of something more simple and simple as photographing crudity can ruin all its beautiful essence.

All pleasant planning! ;

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