4 mistakes of a beginner stylist or what not to wear to a photo shoot

In this article I want to talk about some of the nuances of selection of clothes for the upcoming photography session. Here we will not discuss planning of a shoot, this aspect I have already described in one of my previous articles which can be found here.




And so, the clothes and the things that they hide or rather reveal.

To begin with, we will look under it. Please? take a look, what kind of underwear You're wearing now. Gofferings, there are the stitches/recess, bows or rhinestones? This underwear is not suitable, especially if You are planning to be on a photo shoot in a fit dress. Why? Because of gofferings, laces, bonings etc. will be visible. And that's how it will look.

In the area of the bust or the fifth point (butt) will appear additional “ribs” or drawings.

The bra cup should be smooth, and the straps are removable. Panties in such case also need to be no lace and should not dig into the skin, for example. Seamless underwear fits perfectly. If the dress has a plunging neckline, the bra is not needed at all. Well, if the dress has a built-in cups, but if not, then you should care about the silicone pads on the nipples. Or at least a couple of cotton pads to take with yourself.

The fabric

All right, enough of embarrassment - back to the surface. The most important requirement for clothes - the fabric should not blink. This is especially important for studio photo shoot, when the main light source - pulsed flashes. But for the street shooting it is also important, if the weather is sunny. Blinks are the lightest areas and they rivet the attention of the human eye.

An option “as a mother” is an example of how it must not be. Not catastrophic, if only some of the details blink, like on right - the hem of the baby’s dress. Though if it's the whole theme of a shooting, it'll be appropreate to consider about a "supporting" decor to such a shiny appearence.

Clothes should not hamper Your movements

To pose for even 1 hour is not an easy task, not to mention posing in an uncomfortable clothes. Discomfort may be reflected on your face. I always recommend that the first appearance should be in comfortable clothes, because at the beginning of shooting you will be clamped, it takes time to get used to the process and interaction between me, the photographer and You, as model.

There mustn’t be a lot of clothes

In 1 hour I recommend not to change more than two appearences. In my experience I would say that the best photos are taken in the last 20-30 minutes of the shooting.

I know, many people want to change as possible in a greater number of outfits during 1 hour, however, I do not recommend to do so. At least because after the shooting You will have much less force, to bring all the clothes back home. But the main reason - time. The more clothes You change, the less time there is left for shooting.

I hope that now You understand, if to add at least 1 more appearence the time for the shooting will be reduced. As a consequence less photos will be taken. And if you take for example a studio photo session, from the time allocated to shooting should take off another 15 minutes - at the begining it's needed to set the flashlights and in the end - leave the studio, because there can be the next tenants and they need to start on time.

What about choosing clothes for shooting?

If we talk about the selection of clothing for couple or family photo shoot, the main goal is the combination of colors and the similarity in the prints. Here are a couple of examples.


With individual selection of clothing, shoes and accessories specifically: color, style, etc. I assist directly while preparation for shooting. A lot depends on Your preferences, location and other things. On-line we will examine Your closet and form full images. And if you want clothes or ready-made appearences for hire, I will offer options where you can take them.


Thanks foe reading.

Good planning!

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